How Was T-Series Getting Subscribers When YouTube Was Down? (ANSWERED!!)

Timeworks · 142.339 views · 4.20 min · 17 Okt 2018
Another big YouTube question has come up: How was T-Series getting subscribers when YouTube was down? Does T-Series use a sub bot after all? I have the answer!
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I answer a big new question: When YouTube shut down on October 16, 2018, why was T-Series getting subscribers? Does this prove that T-Series is sub botting? People have been asking this question, so I decide to prove it to end the argument. So, why was T-Series getting subscribers when YouTube had an outage worldwide? Find out in this video!

YouTube Outage Site:
YouTube Outage Map:
T-Series Live Subscriber Count:
T-Series Detailed Statistics:

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Basically, I am saying that the outage was NOT worldwide. And yes, I know where Canada is. I live there.
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